This was one of my favorite rooms to design in Toni and Pete’s house. Their first floor bathroom is small, and making small spaces look larger and open is an art in itself!

after2010090332788-180x300The black circular sink goes perfectly with the large mirror. It’s a great focus piece of the room and the curves make the sink seem smaller, giving you enough room to wash your hands properly. This particular sink also has a ledge on the bottom allowing for some storage space. It’s perfect for hand wipes or to place extra toiletries. The wall behind is tiled from top to bottom with shades of red, matching the walls on either side. We used this same shade of red on an accent wall around the corner from this room, so the whole first floor flows nicely. And OF COURSE, the white trim is a must.

White trim not only creates a color to pull together the necessary white light switches and wall plugs, but it can make any style look cleaner. Whether you have a kids room with bright colors, a modern room, or a traditional vintage room with dark walls and wood, white trim works with it all and makes a HUGE difference.

The light above the sink is small, but bright enough to light up the entire room and even into the hallway. Instead of hanging a light from a ceiling or using your standard bathroom lighting with multiple bulbs, this light just makes the room look and feel more unique.

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