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When ‘DIY’ Might Not Be the Most Suitable Option

As capable and adept human beings, it is not uncommon to make the impetuous assertion that “I can do THIS myself. ’ We have all done  it before. I am sure that you can think of a time where you disassembled (or assembled) something, in hope of a quick repair (or  assembly), only to end up with a pile of pieces that eventually end up in the trash. This analogy can be applied to home repairs and renovations , as well.The bottom line is that, although many may think they can do a home project on their own, many homeowners  improperly assess the magnitude of projects, particularly with regard to renovations, remodels, or upgrades. Unfortunately, this  realization often occurs after the homeowner has expended both time and money into a project, and at times, actually caused more of a  mess than a renovation.

Having been in the home remodeling business for 17 years, as owner and founder of Ballroom Baths & Home Design, I have  witnessed two scenarios far too often. The first involves a weary spouse, whom, as I provide a consultation, maintains the position that  they are surely capable of completing a particular renovation project on their own. The second involves a subsequent call informing us that the spouse was unable to complete the project independently, or worse, that an attempt was made, which has resulted in damage.Prior to making the self-determination that you are properly equipped to manage a home renovation, it is first necessary to understand exactly what it is you are getting yourself into. The following is provided by Ballroom Baths & Home Design to guide homeowners in assessing the potential consequences doing a home renovation yourself, versus obtaining professional assistance.

Plumbing. Replacing an existing fixture with a new one, does not necessarily mean that the existing pipework will be suitable. For example, a modern pedestal sink with the old pipework showing rather defeats the purpose of installing the new fixture altogether. For insistent Do-it-Yourselfers, making sure that new fixtures are compatible with existing plumbing work is crucial. If the fixture you want requires the installation or alteration of existing plumbing, professional assistance is recommended.

Electrical Supply. As with plumbing, home renovation must either be compatible with existing electrical sources, or the electrical supply must be relocated. However, unlike plumbing where potential risks involve visible pipe lines or water damage,home renovations involving the installation of items which require an electrical supply present the risk of electrocution. In general, home remodeling requiring the relocation of electrical sources should never be attempted by those without the appropriate experience and expertise. In fact, some renovations actually require the work to be performed by a licensed professional.

Weight Bearing/ Necessary Structural Components. A noticeable trend in recent years is the desire for open space, as opposed to traditional design, where each room is divided by a wall, and therefore remains separate and distinct. However, knocking down a wall is not always as simple as one may think. Aside from the obvious consideration of existing plumbing or electrical sources which may be present, it must also be determined if the wall is a necessary structural component (i.e. weight bearing). If the design of your home is such that a particular wall was constructed as an intended structural support, removal of the wall will require [the right reinforcement; for redistribution of weight] to ensure the home remains structurally sound. As stated previously, if you are unsure, you should never attempt demolition projects without the assistance of a licensed professional.

Permits/ Compliance with Codes. The vast majority of home renovation projects require permits; and ALL home projects require compliance with applicable building codes, as well as other applicable state and local regulations. Failure to adhere to regulatory guidelines can not only endanger your family’s safety, but also can result in fines. At Ballroom Baths & Home Design, we always ensure compliance with any and all applicable regulations.

Tile work. There is much more to tile work than the average homeowner may think. Improper installation can result in a situation where you find yourself working around a mistake, and will inevitably be unsatisfied with the final product. Moreover, if the project needs to be completely redone, not only will you have to repurchase more tile and other necessary materials, but you will have to remove the old materials and re-prep the surface. In sum, tile can be expensive, but demolition is much more expensive.

Warranty Issues. Another problem that Do-it-Yourselfers may face is the potential for voiding the warranty associated with a particular product. Some product warranties require installation be performed in a specific manner, and others specifically require the installation be performed by a licensed professional.

Painting. Plain white walls and ceilings are no longer as popular as they once were. These days, bold wall colors, accent walls, and painted ceilings are the clear preference. Interior painting is one of the most common projects attempted by Do-it-Yourselfers. Prior to taking on such a project, there are important considerations that you should make. In the case of a bold wall color, you need to make sure that there are clean lines between the wall and ceiling or the wall and trim. Over time, the foundation in your home can settle, causing slight unevenness, which can be very noticeable when paint is applied. Also, many homes have construction defects, which are often unnoticeable prior to painting. Nothing looks worse than an uneven paint line –not only will you always notice it, but your guests are sure to notice it too! The preferred solution is to get it done right the first time by a professional.

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