white marble

White Marble!

Check out this bathroom! The entire floor and walls are beautiful, white marble. Easy to keep clean and make the room look sleek and shiny. With the silver and blue glass accents, you walk inside and the light bounces off of everything around you – really cool!
Another circular mirror adds a perfect contrast with the square glass on the walls, but also compliments the shape of the sink. The lights above are great because they have a completely modern look and work perfect with the room, so it’s not too dark and not too bright.

My favorite thing, though – the ceiling.
The entire ceiling is made of small tiles of blue glass. As you’re walking inside and your eye catches the ceiling, the whole room comes together!

This one bathroom is just a part of a brand new house, whose rooms we designed each from the ground up. The marble flows down from the wall and out all the way through the entry room, all around the first floor, and up the stairs to the second floor. The white marble even reaches through a living room and piano/hangout area. After that, sleek, black marble extends throughout the kitchen and dining area. Sounds almost as good as it looks! CLICK HERE to see the video

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