LED Lighting Is a Game Changer in Remodeling


Lighting for your kitchen and bathrooms is a major part of remodeling your home in San Antonio and Boerne. There are many different forms of lighting to choose from including structural, traditional, pendant, lantern integrated fans and more. One trend you’ll see as you read on is that LEDs have been an important game-changer in the world of kitchen and bathroom lighting. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand your options better.

1. Modern versons of Traditional Shapes

Ring chandeliers are back. There are many contemporary versions on traditional designs that have continued to be important across furnishing choices, and lighting isn’t any different — thanks to new LEDs, which have a sleek profile, limitless shape designs and low heat output.

Traditional ring chandeliers are a good example. Tons of designers have streamlined them by swapping candelabra-style lights for the new LED versions that virtually disappear within the fixture, such as in this antique-brass-finished Empire chandelier designed by Laura Kirar for Arteriors.

Lanterns are also getting a lot of attention. LED technology has literlly turned the ancient lantern into a modern, sculptural fixture that stands out in homes this year.

2. Chunky Chains are trending.

Chains are a traditional detail that designers gave a modern twist in 2024, primarily by playing with scale. This type of lighting suspends a seeded glass orb on an oversized metallic chain.

3. Matte White Finishes are trending.

Matte white finishes continue to be on trend for several seasons.

Table lamps with matte white lamp bases seem to be a desirable design that can flow out of larger kitchens into the main living areas of your home.

4. Woven and Beaded textures in lighting are currently trending in 2024.

Another familiar trend is woven and beaded lighting made from wood, grasses and other plant-based materials to bring in outoor elements inside the home. Even rope textures are stepping out of the traditional nautical themes into today’s modern lighting themes. Larger kitchens and bathrooms can often host floor lamps that match mounted ceiling lighting for a style that can flow smoothly throughout your home.

5. Natural finishes are dominating lighting trends.

Eggshells are back. Over the last few years, lighting made of natural materials like wood, grasses and ceramic in their raw, rustic-looking finishes are making a strong comeback. As the trend evolves, those materials are becoming more refined, fresh-looking, with the materials themselves sometimes given a characteristic look.

Lighting finishes composed of crackled petals and ivory resin composite composed of actual eggshells can create a strong impression.

Leather finishes are always trending in different ways. Leather details as well as leather-clad designs are very common and can present endless design blends. Picture a three-tier chandelier with chains that may look like little copper coins, but they’re actually sewn-together leather rounds with a weighted golden drops at the bottom. These classy yet rustic designs are timeless and can make a big difference in your next remodel.

Stone finishes are back and very dramatic. Dramatic stone of all types are trending strong, with warm and earthy travertines and bold, colorful marble increasingly edging out cool greys and white blends.

Metal lighting fictures are still on point in 2024. Gold tones continue to dominate the metallics in lighting showrooms. Burnished, low-shine bronze and aged brass, are still trending in 2024 and will continue to trend through 2025.

Ceramic lighting is stylish and bold. Handmade — or handmade-looking — ceramic bases are staples refreshed each year to reflect trending tastes.

6. Semiflush and Flush Mounts are still in.

Small flush mounts where most of the trendy designers might have once put can lights in the residential interior design projects, those fixtures — and closely related semiflush mounts — seem to be getting attention again from high end lighting manufacturers.

The newest flush and semiflush fixtures were larger in scale. Even gold leaf and craquele crystal semi-flush lighting is working it’s way back in with the most challenging kitchen remodeling projects in San Antonio.

7. Indirect Lighting

Two-tier chandeliers with bronze plates that face upward, directing the light to the ceiling are a great example of this newer trend. The reflected light then creates a warm, even glow. The indirect lighting — though, again, not a new invention — is very popular in 224 both in chandeliers and sconces.

8. Adjustable Temps

LEDs are revolutionizing lighting, allowing for slimmer, sleek and minialistic fixtures in shapes limited only by your imagination. Tunable LED lights — which allow users to adjust the color warmth of the light, not just the brightness — are a growing trend in interior lighting and a game-changer in remodeling trends.

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