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Walk-In Shower Installation San Antonio

Many San Antonio homeowners want to upgrade their bathrooms with a walk-in shower or simply get remodeling on their existing shower, but aren’t sure where to start. As experts in the walk-in shower installation process and the leaders in bathroom remodeling in San Antonio, TX, our team at Ballroom Baths & Home Design can help you incorporate one of these safe, attractive, and practical additions to your bathroom. 

Adding a walk-in shower stall can increase overall bathroom remodeling time by several days. To ensure a safe shower that doesn’t damage your home, you need the right tools and skills, and time to complete all the required steps. Here, we explain the installation process step-by-step, so you can determine whether you’re up to the job or if you should hire a professional instead. 

Any shower separate from the tub that you can enter without stepping over the side of the tub is a walk-in shower. These showers have slightly raised thresholds and glass enclosures to keep water from flooding the bathroom floor. 

Homeowners can choose from prefabricated showers that fit into the designated space or design a custom walk-in shower to their taste. In either case, walk-in shower installation requires similar steps. 


The first step is to remove the old shower and fixtures, as well as the old drywall. If you’re adding a new shower, moving the shower, or want to change the fixture location, a plumber must install the water lines and drain. This is also a great time to add new water-saving fixtures to reduce waste and save money.

Build the Shower Base

The shower base should rest on a mortar subfloor that angles toward the drain to ensure proper drainage. The shower pan goes in over the subfloor. If you aren’t using a prefab shower pan, build the shower curb before installing the subfloor, then add a PVC liner and cement board to protect the subfloor from moisture and provide a surface for the tile. 

Install Tile

Once the shower base is complete, the next step in a custom walk-in shower is fixture and tile installation. You might also choose a prefab shower with walls. Custom tile is more labor-intensive, but the result is a personalized look that reflects your taste.

Install the Enclosure 

The last step is to add the shower enclosure. The enclosure keeps water off the bathroom floor, and a stylish glass enclosure helps maintain a spacious and modern feeling. 

Following all the installation steps ensures a safe and beautiful shower. If you have questions, professional contractors have the training and equipment to do the job, ensuring a long-lasting shower that meets building codes.

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If you need help planning a bathroom remodel, turn to our professionals at Ballroom Baths & Home Design, San Antonio’s leading bathroom renovation company. We provide expert design and quality craftsmanship, including custom walk-in shower installation. Call us today at (830) 755-6444 to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you bring your dream bathroom to life. 

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