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3 Different Types of Bathtubs for Your Next Remodel

Few things enhance a bathroom’s appearance more than a beautiful bathtub. However, with so many types of bathtubs to choose from, finding the perfect model for your home isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Ballroom Baths & Home Design put together some of the best bathtubs in San Antonio, TX, that will make your bathroom the highlight of your home.

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1. Jetted Tubs

Jetted tubs are advanced bathtubs with built-in jets that massage you while you bathe. They come in several captivating shapes and designs, but the two primary models are:

  • Air tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs

Although both models provide a superior bathing experience, they feature key differences that distinguish them from one another. For example, Air tub jets shoot air while whirlpool bathtub jets pump water.

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However, jetted tubs carry high prices and are relatively hard to clean. You must flush the jets and scrub the interior frequently to maintain optimal performance and comfort. Despite their costly prices, air tubs are lavish bathtubs perfect for homeowners looking to bathe in the lap of luxury.

2. Alcove Tubs

Alcove tubs, also called recessed tubs, are the most common bathtubs in the United States. Their simplistic yet alluring design features three sides that recess into the bathroom walls. Most models feature a shower, but showerless variations are also readily available.

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3. Walk-in Bathtubs

Homeowners with mobility issues might want to consider a walk-in bathtub. These bathtubs feature a door and safety bars that make entering and exiting the tub easy and more efficient. Many models feature a shower and built-in safety features like non-slip solid surfaces that diminish the chances of dangerous slips and falls.

Walk-in tubs are one of the best types of bathtubs for senior citizens and disabled homeowners wanting an optimal bathing experience without the potential safety risks. 

However, walk-in bathtubs must completely drain before you open their doors. Opening the door beforehand will cause a huge mess and make the bathroom floor slippery and dangerous to walk on.

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